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It all started with bird carvings about 36 years ago. A few years after I landed a job doing graphic design and photography. Then, the wood bug bit. So here I am again with the added bonus of my graphic design skills thrown into the mix.


I really love making things such as benches from old repurposed bleacher stands and other creations from reclaimed pallet wood and tree trimmings to create a work of art. I don’t build cookie cutter pieces but work on one unique masterpiece at a time.


My listings are one of a kind, sold one at a time, each with its own distinct personality .


I’m also a believer in God and that He gives you talents and abilities to use for others and to glorify Him.  I love my family, my wife, daughter/son in law and the four grandkids. They all inspire me and help me be more creative.


I hope there is something I can create for you to bring joy to your home.


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